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Archery Tips and Bow Tuning – When I first started my YouTube channel, I did so because I wanted to share my hunting videos and experience with others. In the off season, I posted a couple videos on archery. To my shock and amazement, my archery instruction videos really started to take off! As time has gone one, they have become quite the hit on YouTube, and many people write to me every day telling me how much they have improved as archers as a result of my videos. It has been very rewarding to feel as though I have been able to help so many people. I hope you will also find these videos informative and/or enjoyable. Thanks for watching them. Thanks also to those who make contributions to help support my production. It is greatly appreciated!

2017 Compound Bow Review Series – This next video slider contains the compound bow review I filmed in 2017. I tested the speed of each bow by shooting it through a chronograph. Every single bow was shot through the chronograph from exactly three and a half  feet away. Every bow was also tested for the amount of noise it makes when being shot by firing it exactly three and a half feet away from a decibel meter. All of this data was collected and put into data sheets and compared to the manufacturer’s advertised specifications. As part of this, I also measured the axle to axle length and brace height. I also checked the weight of the bow with an arrow rest on it. When I finish this series, I will post a concluding video with my highest rated bows, and I will also make a PDF copy of all the results available right HERE when I am finished with the series. Lastly, I wanted to collect a vibration reading for every bow to compare how much hand shock/vibration each bow produces. However, the meter I had turned out to be inadequate and so the data was unreliable. Two pieces of equipment I would like to raise funds for for next year are a portable draw board with scale (which costs around $200), and a better vibration meter (which could cost anywhere between $250 and $1200). So far, I have raised $10 toward those items. If you would like to contribute, there is a PayPal button at the top of this page set up in $1 increments. If you’d like to contribute $20, just change the quantity to 20. If you’d like to contribute even $1, I would greatly appreciate that. Think of all the things you buy on a regular basis that even cost more than $1. Contributing toward this makes it possible for me to give you even more accurate and reliable data in future years. Thank you to those who decide to help.

How to Hunt Whitetail Deer – this slider contains videos that have hunting tips in them. They are designed to help people develop their knowledge of hunting and be more successful when hunting! I originally intended this series for people who are new to hunting and are looking to improve. Many have told me that they view me as their #1 mentor as a result of these videos. However, I have also been delighted to hear from thousands of viewers who are more advanced in hunting but really like my videos because they remind them of a good tip now and then that they hadn’t been thinking about. They say they also like my videos because they are “REAL” and down to earth. Very often I am working hard and hunting public land. I’m not sitting on 120 acre privately owned farm managed with food plots like you see on commercial TV. Anyway, I hope you like and enjoy this series as many others have.

HOW TO VIDEOS – This next slider contains a number of “HOW TO” videos, such as: how to call deer, how to process a deer in the woods, how to catch trout, how to snowboard, etc. Some of these videos have become my most popular hits on the Internet. People who are new to hunting, or just getting back into it, have especially found this series very helpful.

20th Anniversary Special Edition Season – This series of videos depicts my 20th year from when I first started filming hunts! I started off in 1995 getting a spike. Even to this day that hunts remains one  of my most enjoyable memories as a hunter. It is a testimony to the fact that there is more joy in sharing a special moment with your family, friends, and loved ones than anything else. Having people to share your moments and memories with just makes the journey so much more enjoyable. Perhaps that is partly why things like YouTube have become so popular. It gives people a chance to share with everyone what they themselves have grown to enjoy. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to watch this special edition season. It really meant a lot to me and I’m always thrilled when other people enjoy it too.

Map Reading Challenge – This series presents the first Map Reading Challenge videos I ever produced. All of these videos depict me hunting by myself as I forged my way into a new horizon of challenge hunts. It compelled me to create a scoring system for the Map Reading Challenge so that all people could use it to gauge and  track their own level of success. This especially became important to level the playing field for those who hunt in states that are not known for producing a high volume of monster bucks. As such, the scoring is more focused on the age of the deer rather than the score of the rack. It also challenges you to get to within 20 yards of the animal for an effective shot. I hope that the Map Reading Challenge will compel and inspire you to push your own skills to the next level. I thank you so much for checking out this series. In fact, I have belt compelled to create a new YouTube channel dedicated specifically to the Map Reading Challenge, and I hope you will check that page out as well.

Product Reviews – I think I can speak for many in that there are many of us who are sick and tired of how commercialized archery and hunting have become over the years. It is so hard to see a video on a product or read a magazine without everything turning into one big advertisement. As such, I have intentionally avoided seeking sponsorship in the archery and hunting industry. Instead, I have tried to remain viewer supported. In that way, I am catering to the viewer and not the sponsor. As such, you will hopefully realize in these product review videos that I try to be unbiased and honest about any particular product. Many of the products I review are things that I have purchased with my own money. As such, I get many requests from people to review the product they are curious about, but I simply can’t afford to buy every single product out there just to review it for people, especially when it isn’t something I would personally use. If you have a product you want my input about, and you want to send it to me, I’d be more than happy to review it for you. But, I can’t afford to just run out and buy every product that people are interested in. I just can’t afford it. I hope that makes sense.

The Spirituality of Hunting Videos – Interesting enough, this playlist of videos is the whole reason why I started Sean’s Outdoor Adventures. It was to try to give people some insight and  inspiration to grow in their spirituality and relationship with God through things like hunting. If you have followed my life story, you may already know that I joined a religious order after college. I basically looked like a monk. While there, I felt as though part of my life calling was actually to make hunting and outdoor related videos. Since I wanted to live my life for God, I have tried to keep Him incorporated in everything I do without sounding preachy… Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this series and that it will give you some ideas of things to think about or try incorporating in your hunting and fishing related activities.

Fishing Videos – I love getting out there and fishing. It is just great to be on the water at times. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to video some of those endeavors. This playlist is a compilation of those fishing experiences. Some of these are instructional, and some are just recounting of what took place while I was out there. If you like fishing, I hope you will like these videos.

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