Hi and welcome to my website. I created it to share my outdoor adventures, but it has since evolved into a platform for me to help teach people what I know about archery and bow hunting. In order to attempt to create a more sustainable approach to this effort, I eventually opened an online store to help try to support what I am doing. Therefore, what you will find on this website are educational videos that pertain to archery, hunting, and fishing. You will also find a blog I started to provide yet another avenue to provide tips and information to people about archery and hunting. I also started a challenge hunt with a scoring system, and named it The Map Reading Challenge. As such, I have also started a page dedicated to that. Viewers of my that have been interested in getting involved with it have submitted applications to hunt with me, and you can see some of the videos they have appeared in on the Map Reading Challenge page. Thanks for stopping by my website. I pray for God’s continued blessing to be upon you!