Sean McVeigh wearing Camo.About me. I was born and raised in southeast Pennsylvania. My greatest passions in life as a child were fishing and archery. As I grew into my teenage years, my love for bow hunting whitetail deer superseded all other desires!

Around the age of seventeen, I watched my very first hunting video, and I was hooked on the idea of one day making my own hunting videos for people to watch and enjoy. I just wanted to be a professional bow hunter, it was that simple. As a result, I saved up my money and purchased a video camera in 1995 and started filming hunts with friends. Not long after I started filming, I had what I would call a spiritual awakening or a “God moment.” It changed my life for the better, but also made me second guess my efforts to go pro in the hunting world.  Years passed and many crazy life turns took place, but finally, in 2009, I began editing the footage I had accumulated over the years. Eventually, I produced my first couple hunting videos. Through the urging of a friend, I began uploading them to Youtube. You can check out my channel on the following link YouTube channel.

Also, in 2009, my first book on hunting went to print, titled, Becoming a World-Class Hunter. In 2014, I released a second edition of that book with a new subtitle, A Bow Hunter’s Spiritual Journey. This was done to help highlight the spiritual dimension of the book. In 2014, I also released a book on archery, titled, Sin and the Spirituality of Archery. It is designed to help beginners learn archery and advanced shooters to improve their accuracy. It also introduces ideas that enable the reader to gain unique, spiritual insights from archery that can be applied in everyday-life situations. These books are available on the STORE page of this website.

Another exciting progression that has taken place over the years is that I developed a challenge hunt called The Map Reading Challenge. The design of it is intended to push hunters to improve their ability to read topo maps and aerial photos to find hunting hot spots before even setting foot in the woods in those areas. I then developed a scoring system so that people could track their progress.

Lastly, as my YouTube channel has grown, that dream of being a professional hunter has become closer to a reality, only, instead of a pro hunter, I’ve become more of a archery and hunting mentor. This has demanded a lot more of my time as I spend hours every day answering questions, emails, and comments. With the demonetization of hunting channels on YouTube, I’ve had fans step up and want to help support my efforts. As a result, I’ve created an avenue for them to do that using PayPal with the button below. It allows the individual to pick the contribution amount between $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100. Simply click on the right side of the amount and scroll to the option that works best for you. (On some devices you can’t see the amount even after clicking on the right side and opening the box. You need to actually scroll over the box and you will see the other amounts light up.) Thank you to all of you who have chosen to support my efforts. God bless you all!

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