Map Reading Challenge

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In February 2018, I’ll be awarding the winner of the MRC, as well as one of my fans, a brand new BowTech Reign 6. To vote for this year’s Map Reading Challenge contestants and to also get your name in the lottery to win a FREE BowTech Reign 6 (valued at around $1,100 US Dollars), click on the link HERE. Please note that both bows will be awarded in February and that voting for a contestant only makes up a small portion of the total score. To help your favorite contestant in the polls, he also needs you to promote his scout trip and hunting videos.

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The following playlists are some Map Reading Challenge hunts that I have been on by myself as well as some that I have taken some of my viewers on who have applied to join me on a MRC. I hope you will enjoy watching these videos. I will also say that I have decided to create a new YouTube channel just for Map Reading Challenge hunts and behind the scenes. So in the future, I will be playing more elaborate and extensive content on this Map Reading Challenge channel, and on my Sean’s Outdoor Adventures channel I will most likely post just the hunt. To see that channel, click HERE. To select a video from the playlist below, click the small icon on the top left of the video and choose the video in the list.

This next group of videos contains my Map Reading Challenge videos with me as well as the people who joined me for hunts in the year 2016. There was a group Map Reading Challenge hunt in Maryland and another in the state of New York. I also did several Map Reading Challenge hunts in Pennsylvania and even Iowa. For the Iowa hunt, I did a blind Map Reading Challenge where I studied the maps and then simply drove to Iowa for the very first time in my life to hunt it. There was no physical pre-scouting involved at all. As you will see in that video, I passed on a great buck the very first day and never had  a shot at another buck of equal size. I did see other good bucks, and some that were even bigger, but I didn’t have a shot opportunity at them. As a result, I would say there were MANY valuable learning lessons in that hunt, and I made sure to share many of those lesson in some of the videos I produced in relation to that hunt. I hope you will both watch and enjoy these videos. Thank you and God bless you.